Award Winning Studio Launches a New VR Game

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Award Winning Studio Launches a New VR Game

Hidden Path Debuts Access Code Amid Virtual Reality Acclaim
Bellevue, WA (May 25, 2017) – The creators of the award winning Defense Grid franchise have recently made a huge splash in virtual reality. Amid numerous accolades for their upcoming RTS Brass Tactics and the available Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition, they expanded their VR library further this week. The team at Hidden Path Entertainment launched Access Code exclusively on Google Daydream. Access Code is an adventure game where players investigate an art heist and uncover a deeper conspiracy. Cunning is required for this alluring crime exploration.

To learn more about Access Code visit: or

In Access Code you will join your partner, Eve – voiced by Rose McIver (iZombie, The Lovely Bones), on a search for hidden clues and hard evidence as you investigate a ring of art thieves by exploring detailed, exotic locations.  Decipher the clues and prove your cunning by solving puzzles that turn the tables on the conspirators, thwarting their plans. With cinematic videos, cutting-edge mobile graphics, and over 30 puzzles, Access Code will immerse you in its smart, suspenseful world of infiltration and intrigue. Uncover the conspiracy in this alluring crime adventure and reveal the true master plan.

Hidden Path CEO Jeff Pobst explains how the team found themselves immersed in the virtual reality world, “We were approached two and a half years ago, asking our team to jump into VR development.  We dove in fully, and found that a lot of our unique talents and abilities really set our games apart in VR.  Once Defense Grid 2 became one of the most played games on the Rift, opportunities to build many new VR games opened up for us.  Google gave us an exceptional opportunity, and we built a unique adventure game for Daydream that’s accessible for all players.  It features amazing new technology with stunning graphics unlike what’s typically found in Mobile VR games. We have even more fun VR up our sleeves.”

Expect more VR brilliance from the dynamic team at Hidden Path Entertainment. To learn more about Hidden Path Entertainment visit

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