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New Pokemon Marshadow Officially Revealed

Just like how Pokemon X & Y had a few hidden Pokemon tucked away in it’s data with Hoopa and Volcanion, Pokemon Sun & Moon had it’s own mythical Pokemon hiding in the games code until Nintendo were ready to unveil it. Of course with data mining and all that, keen fans of the games would have known about this Pokemon as early as November last year but Marshadow has now been officially revealed to the public. First appearing in the newest trailer for the 20th Pokemon Movie, a gameplay trailer featuring Marshadow was then released by the Pokemon Company International.

No official details were released on how to obtain the rare Pokemon in your own 3DS games but it was promised details are coming soon. From the games data we know Marshadow is Pokemon #802 (the final Pokemon in the Pokedex), features a high attack and speed stat and well balanced defenses. It is also the first and only Pokemon to be a Fighting/Ghost type. We’ll bring you more news on how to obtain Marshadow as it is announced.

Nathan Farrugia
Nathan Farrugia
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