Dawn of Andromeda ‘TITANS’ Update, Packed with Tons of Additions

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Dawn of Andromeda ‘TITANS’ Update, Packed with Tons of Additions 

Haarlem, The Netherlands – February 6, 2017 – Developer Grey Wolf Entertainment and publisher Iceberg Interactive announces a major update today for its pausable, real-time space 4x title Dawn of Andromeda (PC), available in Steam’s Early Access program.  A brand-new ship class, ‘The Titans’ and the much-requested option to edit existing designs and retrofit ships, are now implemented. Moreover, the player will find new space creature types, late game events, Dead Stars, new backgrounds, new traits, and technologies.

For the complete changelog of the Titans update, please visit the official Dawn of Andromeda Steam Hub.

Mike Domingues, lead developer at Grey Wolf Entertainment says: “We are very happy to announce the release of the biggest update we’ve done so far, codenamed Titan. The past two months have been very exciting for us, we’ve received some great feedback from the community and we already feel Dawn of Andromeda has come a long way since the first build we released in Steam’s Early Access. There is still work to do but we are very happy with the progress so far and can’t wait to show what we have in store for the near future.”

Steam Early Access keys for PC are available to all interested press. Please contact the Iceberg PR team at Iceberg@oneprstudio.com

Dawn of Andromeda is now available at a 20% discount this week on Steam. Publisher Iceberg Interactive is planning to release the game from Early Access in Q2-17 http://store.steampowered.com/app/427570


  • Explore, expand, exploit and exterminate in this real-time space strategy game, featuring real-time combat in a dynamic and ever-evolving galaxy
  • New factions and characters can join the fray mid-game; artefacts, ruins, anomalies and a huge variety of fascinating elements are scattered throughout the galaxy and can yield new research opportunities. Various characters such as outlaws, merchants, travelers and others roam the galaxy
  • Asymmetric gameplay. Not all races discover space travel at the same time, some may have yet to discover it, some may have already built a mighty empire, and some races may be naturally stronger than others. However, if you’d rather prefer a traditional 4X experience and start an entirely symmetric game, it’s up to you
  • Pre-designed, customizable, and randomly generated races, each with their own unique backgrounds and traits
  • Accessible gameplay, featuring a highly-intuitive User Interface
  • Eras; unique scenarios, each with a pre-designed galaxy and background stories which you can play as one of the existing factions, each with their own victory conditions, traits, challenges and ongoing conflicts and relationships (Not Available at the start of Early Access)
  • Research incredible technology, from weapons so powerful they can destroy an entire planet, to Dyson Spheres
  • Explore ruins, anomalies and much more. You may even find artefacts you can study, projects you can start and come across interesting events and quests you can take on
  • In-depth diplomacy system. Make allies and enemies, but beware, each action you take can change how the rest of the galaxy will view you. Destroying an entire planet, or just praising or denouncing another race, can have a deep impact on the balance of the entire galaxy
  • Reduce micromanagement by appointing governors to your colonies and council members to your empire, all of whom can be leveled up. Each come with their own unique traits, happiness and experience
  • Multiple, customizable victory conditions, which can even be set to vary for each faction, changing how each faction operates and making for unpredictable friends and foes


Andromeda has seen quieter days, and it’s up to you to take the reins of one of several civilizations, and guide it through the many hidden dangers in the galaxy. Dawn of Andromeda is a pausable, real-time space 4X game focused on providing a fun, immersive and accessible experience that allows you to truly play as an Emperor. Build your empire, colonize new planets, interact with other factions and characters, research new technologies and build fleets so powerful, your enemies will tremble.

Explore a galaxy filled with diverse factions, outlaws, merchants, pirate clans and mercenaries but also anomalies, black holes, ancient artefacts, ruins and much more. Arriving in a new system may provide new opportunities, or open a new can of worms.


Grey Wolf Entertainment is a small studio based in Leiria, Portugal. It’s made up of ambitious and dedicated individuals who share a strong passion for videogames, and an equally strong passion for creating great videogames. Grey Wolf’s first title is Dawn of Andromeda, an ambitious space 4X strategy game due to be released in March, 2017.

Iceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of games industry veterans and is located in Haarlem, The Netherlands. Staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an international assembly of game developers, both midsize and indie. Garnering attention with acclaimed releases over recent years, including Killing Floor 2, Endless Space, Endless Legend, StarDrive 2 and Starpoint Gemini 2, the company has an exceptional line-up, including Oriental Empires, Starpoint Gemini Warlords, Dawn of Andromeda, Empathy and Conarium– with further promising games in the pipeline.

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