Fingersoft’s Hill Climb Racing 2 Surpasses 40 Million Downloads

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Fingersoft’s Hill Climb Racing 2 Surpasses 40 Million Downloads

Content update adds new challenges, a new vehicle and more

OULU, Finland Jan. 26, 2017 – Independent game developer Fingersoft is pleased to confirm that physics-based racer Hill Climb Racing 2 has followed in its predecessor’s tire tracks by gaining 40 million installs in less than two months. Launched at the end of November 2016, Hill Climb Racing 2 has topped the charts globally since launch, reaching the number one position in the racing category in 121 countries and in the overall games section in 64 countries. Players have reviewed Hill Climb Racing 2 in the App Store and Google Play over one million times, with an average rating of 4.6 out of five stars in the Google Play store and 4.7 stars rating in the App Store.

As part of Fingersoft’s commitment to continue supporting Hill Climb Racing 2 post-launch, today sees new content available to the game’s global player base. The update introduces four new cups to the multiplayer game, a big badass Super Diesel Truck and new driver outfits. In addition to the numerous racing environments in the game, the players can now compete in four new themed race cups: the Winter Cup, the It’s Mine! Cup, the Tunnels Cup and the More Mines Cup.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a sequel to the original Hill Climb Racing, which to date has amassed over half a billion downloads. Building on the original, Hill Climb Racing 2 adds asynchronous online multiplayer, playable over 30 unique stages. Players can compete in 16 different challenging cups to gain ranks and unlock new levels, challenge friends to compete in races, or try to best the world’s top race times on the leaderboards.

About Fingersoft

Fingersoft is a Finnish game developer and publisher focusing on fun-filled content for mobile devices. The company is famous for its hit mobile game Hill Climb Racing, which has over half a billion downloads globally. Together with Hill Climb Racing and other popular apps and games, such as Benji Bananas, Fail Hard, and Make More!, Fingersoft’s products are installed close to one million times a day. The company launched a sequel, Hill Climb Racing 2, in November 2016. Fingersoft’s products are available for iOS, Android, Windows devices and Amazon Kindle devices.
Twitter: @Fingersoft

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