Death Mark Revealed for the PS Vita by Experience

First-person horror game announced by dungeon crawling developer.

News Horror PS Vita

Experience has officially revealed their new PS Vita game which is something of a departure from their usual games as the company is known for developing first-person dungeon crawlers but this time around they are going for a horror game. The visual novel style horror game is called Death Mark and through Famitsu we get our first info about the dark game. In Death Mark, those who are given the “mark” always end up dying and after rumors begin to start in the Tokyo Metropolitan H City a mysterious death related to this mark occurs.

This “mark” suddenly appears on someone’s body out of nowhere and without any explanation of how these “marks” appear those who possess it are invited to a strange mansion and the player character just so happens to be one of them. When you arrive at this mansion a strange but beautiful doll speaks to you, stating that you have arrived at Kujo Mansion and that the path will lead you to death, “However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to be saved.”

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