Trailer for new Baywatch Movie set to Drop Tomorrow

Slow-Motion Running on the Sand Not-Included

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Paramount Pictures has teased that they will be releasing a trailer for their new Baywatch film tomorrow. The film, based upon 90s television series of the same name, will be directed by Seth Gordon and stars Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson. The television series has a claim to fame for immortalizing David Hasselhoff as a bronzed beach-going lifesaver in the popular consciousness. The series is also known for its buxom women in bikinis and swim suits, including stars like Pamela Anderson, in its cast.

The film is set to released in the middle of next year and we’ll keep you updated as more comes out. I, for one, hope they find another hit translation from small screen to silver screen like they did with the most recent Star Trek film.

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