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Massive Update Introduces Extended Clan Battles and New Heroes

Moscow, Russia – November 21, 2016 – Global publisher My.com’s mobile gaming hit, Juggernaut Wars, gets the biggest update yet. Update 2.0 introduces two brand-new game modes to enhance the experience for active clans in the action-packed RPG. The developers honor the requests from the community to rival each other for greater rewards and one-on-one synchronous PvP battles. New modes, new heroes, and more action for clans to undertake together – there has not been a better time to start your adventures in Haradan. The update releases today for all Android and iOS device users of Juggernaut Wars.


Watch the Juggernaut Wars Update 2.0 Release Trailer HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CFB23zEUfA&feature=youtu.be

From now on there, will be massive clan PvP battles starting at specific times during each week. It is crucial to get clan troops ready in time since there will not be much time to prepare. Divided by the phases of attack and defenses, this mode will test the power of every clan warrior since they should prepare a decent defense to repel the attack of the opposing clan and still have forces to strike back. This is a completely new experience for the clans of the game and it’s forever changing the way clanmates communicate. Communication is the key to victory.

For those who like to act on their own, there is a new synchronous PvP mode where the fight between players begins even before their forces enter the combat zone. Hero selection happens in real time one hero after another. Players can see what heroes their opponents pick for a battle and adjust their team accordingly – but they always have a wild card and can switch one hero after the pick phase is over. The new mode will help good players to grow faster due to a set of the great rewards.

PvE players will enjoy new chapters of the campaign. Players can bring their trusty heroes on the mission to rescue captured royalty and restore peace in Haradan. Starting today, the Black Witch ‘Wolche’ and the Necromancer ‘Khardur’ can join the fray and bring their new abilities to the battlefield. The roster of available heroes for Juggernaut Wars became even more diverse and deadly.

In Juggernaut Wars, players fight to save the fascinating world of Haradan – a world familiar to fans of its predecessor Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering, the multi-million download RPG hit from 2012. The world of Haradan has fallen into turmoil and a devastating civil war has further divided its two factions: the League and the Cohort. The ruler of the last city, who was capable of keeping the peace, suddenly disappears under violent and suspicious circumstances. Only the player’s team of heroes can journey the predatory wastelands and woodlands to unravel its mysteries, using dexterity and speed in battle to restore order to Haradan.

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