It took 5 hours for SkillTwins Football Game to be the MOST downloaded iOS-game WORLD WIDE.

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Skill Twins Football Game is based on the Swedish YouTube phenomenon SkillTwins. SkillTwins consists of 20-year-old twins Joseph and Jacob El-Zein from Västerås. The freestyling football superstars have millions of fans worldwide. Today they release the game, where you play them, through a digital strategy that reaches over 120 million followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

– This is the biggest and coolest project we’ve ever taken part of.

It’s a dream come true to have your own game named after you with such amazing creativity and quality. Our fans are already going crazy over the game and the hype is total – says Joseph and Jacob.

The Swedish game studio Hello There develops the game. Hello There has won many awards for their games and they have previously developed games for superstars like Avicii.

– It’s an honor to work with SkillTwins and we decided from the beginning that we wanted to make a game of great quality and with a game concept that has never before been seen in a football game. Therefore, all movements in the game are recorded in a motion capture studio in order for the player to do the “Skills” just like the guys do in real life, and in their videos on YouTube – says Oskar Eklund, CEO of Hello There.

The owners of the game are Hello There, SkillTwins and Talent Box, which have management for some of the world’s largest social influencers.

     – It was important for us to invest in a game that could live up to the strong SkillTwins brand. It therefore seemed natural to choose a renowned game studio, like Hello There. SkillTwins have millions of fans all over the world and many of them have been waiting for over a year for this game to be released. So this will be a global success, says Jesper Broström, partner of Talent Box.

The SkillTwins Football Game can be downloaded here:


About SkillTwins

SkillTwins are 20-year-old twins Joseph and Jacob El-Zein who have built up their own digital empire with millions of fans and followers on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Hello There

The Gothenburg-based game studio has released successful games such as Gravity (for Avicii) and Kung Fury. Their games have had millions of players world-wide. Hello There won gold in the Swedish Design Wards 2010, 2014 and 2015.

About Talent Box

Talent Box has management for several of the world’s largest social influencers. They help them build and develop digital platforms, create video concepts, PR & Media, negotiations, partners and developing new revenue streams.

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