Best-Selling Turn-based Card Game Splendor Introduces Online Multiplayer for Mobile and PC

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Best-Selling Turn-based Card Game Splendor Introduces Online Multiplayer for Mobile and PC

Digital expansion of award-winning board game “splendor” transports players to the heart of the Renaissance and compete in an online global quest to create to world’s most-powerful gem empire

Paris – September 30, 2016 – Days of Wonder, a worldwide innovator in board game development and publishing, owned by board and card game publishing leader Asmodee, today announced the release of an online multiplayer mode for Splendor, a popular strategy game available on iOS, Android and PC. A faithful adaptation of the outstanding board game published by board creators Space Cowboys, which has sold more than 400,000 worldwide, Splendor transports players to the heart of the Renaissance, and allows them to compete against players from around the globe to try and become the world’s greatest gem merchant.

In Splendor, players take on the role of a wealthy Renaissance-era gem merchant and take hold of the reigns of their empire with the goal to expand it in wealth, prestige and international recognition by winning challenges and collecting as many gems as possible. Players can accomplish these goals with strategy by operating mines, leading expeditions, connecting with other influential merchants, and many other challenges.

In the new online version of Splendor, players will be playing against other gamers from around the world in a competitive, but friendly and unifying game environment and format, they can enjoy anywhere, anytime, on their mobile device or PC. The online version also allows players to arrange their own exclusive games with friends which can only be accessed by those invited into the competition.

“The online version of Splendor fully captures all of the fast-paced, addictive gameplay of the board game and transports it into a new digital universe where players can enjoy the game on the go and in an interactive and enthralling new social format which can be shared with friends,” said Yann Corno Chief Technical Officer of Days of Wonder. “We also believe there is a massive collection of brand new features in the online version which fans of the original game and new players will both fall in love with.”

New “Challenges” Mode

The online version of Splendor features a new “Challenges” mode players can discover. Similar to chess, “Challenges” mode presents players with complex situations which push them to achieve specific goals such as earning a number of points, earning a special card, or collecting a specific combination of gems. The “Challenges” may also have to be executed in a limited number of attempts, in a limited amount of time, or a specific order.

Players can set for themselves the minimum level of Karma to participate in the game. They are incentivized to finish their online game sessions in order to increase their Karma. Conversely, each time they disconnect from an online session, they will lose Karma points. By selecting ranked games to climb the chart, they get involved in a bitter struggle for power against the best. In addition, non-ranked online gameplay sessions offer a less competitive and more free approach, enabling players to meet other opponents for friendly games.

Splendor is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android $6.99 and on PC via Steam for $9.99.

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About Space Cowboys – publisher of Splendor board game

Space Cowboys is an up-and-coming board game publisher who already has mutiple games under his belt : the worldwide bestseller Splendor (Golden Geek Award 2014), Elysium (nominated for KennerSpiel Jahres ), Black Feet (UK Games Expo 2015 Board Game of the Year Award), Time Stories (nominated for the Kennerspiel des Jahres 2016) and the new-released Via Nebula.This board game design studio was established in 2013 by the founders and pillars of Asmodee (French board game market leader) Marc Nunes, Philippe Mouret and Croc. Expanding their footprint over the game market for several years now, they have created a new synergy to create bold and innovative play concepts.

About Days of Wonder, an Asmodee studio – publisher of Splendor digital games Days of Wonder®, a studio owned by Asmodee, develops and publishes one of a kind games, as reflected in the company’s slogan “Play different.™. The smashing successes that are Ticket to Ride™, the best-selling train game, Small World® and its epic conquests in a fantasy world; and Memory ™ 44, the reference in World War II board games, powered by more than twenty extensions and recently Quadropolis motivate Days of Wonder to always raise the bar higher. Days of Wonder games are distributed in 40 countries and their digital versions are available on the App Store and on Google Play, as well as on Steam and on Days of Wonder’s website. To date, the company has sold more than 5 million games and over 50 million game sessions have been played online on its website. It also remains the youngest company to ever win the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the Year Award in Germany), the most coveted prize in the world in the board games industry.

About Asmodee

Founded in 1995 in France and now with offices in 10 countries including the United States, England and China, Asmodee is a publisher and distributor of popular board and card games (Spot It!, Jungle Speed,…). With eight studios publishing and distributing games in more than 44 countries, Asmodee sells more than 10 million games per year. Asmodee’s reputation for delivering strategically challenging games with attractive design, has earned the company unfailing loyalty from fans, families.

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