NEXON Korea Launches ‘Clash of Five Colors’ Event for Mabinogi Duel

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NEXON Korea Launches ‘Clash of Five Colors’ Event for Mabinogi Duel

Fans of Nexon Korea’s widely-popular strategic mobile trading card game (TCG) Mabinogi Duel, based on acclaimed MMO Mabinogi, can celebrate as Nexon Korea unveils its latest in-game event, ‘Clash of Five Colors’ – starting today. Players now have the opportunity to rise up as champions in Mabinogi Duel through player vs. player (PvP) battles with duelists from all over the world in the ‘Clash of Five Colors’ event arena. They will receive limited edition prizes while the event lasts through Aug. 22.

Players that join us for the ‘Clash of Five Colors’ event will be able to:

  • Challenge Duelist from around the world in the epic ‘Clash of Five Colors’ event arena: Test your skills against other players in a three-round challenge where players are limited to only using 12 cards of the same color during the battle (Aug. 9 – Aug. 22);
  • Earn special rewards: Rewards include ‘Medal Event Cards’, ‘Season Mutant Boosters’, ‘Arena Tickets’, and gems;
  • Play new Achievement Challenges/ Question Missions: Complete the new quest missions during the event period to receive two awesome ‘Hero Skins’, El Brack and Shaley Jaemera, a ‘Medal Event Card’, gold and increased chances to earn ‘Special Cards’ from ‘Super Boosters’;
  • Additional updated features include: An updated Arena schedule, increased rewards for ‘Newbie Arenas’, enhanced Personal Shop systems, and a modified User Interface and gameplay.

Mabinogi Duel is currently available to download on iTunes and Google Play for free:Download.

If you haven’t checked out Mabinogi Duel, please feel free to install the game and we can update your account with a nice supply of in-game currency. In addition, members of Nexon are available for an interview about the title. We’d love for you to share the news and new assets for Mabinogi Duel. We also have new screenshots to commemorate this new event.

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