New Fusions Revealed in New Dragon Ball Fusions Trailer

New trailer and near complete list of all the fusions revealed.

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Dragon Ball Fusions released in Japan a few days ago to what seems to be mostly positive reaction from those lucky enough to get to play it. As always near a games launch, publisher Bandai Namco has released a trailer showcasing a few new fusions in action that we haven’t seen before or have only been seen in scans.

Now that the game has been out for a while, one user has claimed to have found nearly every EX fusion possible within the game. Unfortunately this list isn’t as big as we’d hope and no you can’t just fuse everyone with everyone, but considering each fusion has a unique design and there are still a good amount (over 50) that’s still a decent amount, especially as all the characters that make up these fusions and more are playable. Maxi Fusions (made up of 5 people) aren’t counted here and neither are the fusions that are possible with your player avatar.

Karoly (カロリー) – Kakarotto x Broly
Beeruswhis (ビルスイス) – Beerus x Whis
Brapan (ブラパン) – Bra x Pan
Majin Satan (魔人サタン) – Boo x Satan
Cellza (セルーザ) – Cell x Freeza
EX Gohanks(EXゴハンクス) – Gohan x Trunks
EX Piririn (EXピリリン) – Piccolo x Kuririn
EX Yamhan (EXヤムハン) – Yamcha x Tenshinhan
Ginyuman (ギニューマン) – Ginyu x Saiyaman
Kuhan (クウハン) – Goku x Gohan
Goririn (ゴリリン) – Goku x Kuririn
Kurigohan (クリゴハン) – Kuririn x Gohan
Vegenks (ベジンクス) – Vegeta x Trunks
Yamta (ヤムータ) – Yamcha x Vegeta
Towale (トワレ) – Towa x Arale
Great Saiyaman 12 (グレートサイヤマン12号) – Saiyaman #1 x Saiyaman #2
Rigurdo (リグルド) – Recoome x Gurdo
Burce (バース) – Butta x Jeice
Tatz (タッツ) – Tullece x Raditz
Chaohan (チャオハン) – Chaozu x Tenshinhan
Great Satanman (グレートサタンマン) – Saiyaman x Satan
EX Gogeta (EXゴジータ) – Goku x Vegeta
EX Gotenks (EXゴテンクス) – Goten x Trunks
Gorus (ゴルス) – Goku x Beerus
Chaoman (チャオマン) – Chaozu x Saibaiman
Pinita (ピニータ) – Pinich x Vegeta
Perfect 16 (パーフェクト16号) – Cell x #16
Damira (ダーミラ) – Dabura x Mira
Number 1718 (1718号) – #17 x #18
Foola (フウラ) – Freeza x Coola
Colohan (コロハン) – Piccolo x Gohan
Piccohan (ピッコーハン) – Piccolo x Paikuhan
Chaordo (チャオルド) – Chaozu x Gurdo
Rappa (ラッパ) – Nappa x Raditz
Dodorbon (ドドーボン) – Dodoria x Zarbon
Barotto (バーロット) – Bardock x Kakarotto
Number 1920 (1920号) – #19 x #20
Number 1617 (1617号) – #16 x #17
Cell 17 (セル17号) – Cell x #17
Janemboo (ジャネンブウ) – Janemba x Boo
Arale 18 (アラレ18号) – Arale x #18
Sushinku (スーシンクウ) – Four Star Dragon x Goku
Towane (トワネ) – Towa x Gine
Ginyuza (ギニューザ) – Ginyu x Freeza
Great Jaco (グレートジャコ) – Saiyaman x Jaco
Kibicoloshin (キビコロ神) – Kibitoshin x Piccolo
Kibeerushin (キビル神) – Kibitoshin x Beerus
Daccolo Daimaoh (ダッコロ大魔王) – Dabura x Piccolo Daimaoh
Gurse (グルース) – Gurdo x Jheese
Recootta (リクータ) – Recoome x Butta
Janks (ジャンクス) – Jaco x Trunks


Thanks to user Sandubadear from the Kanzenshuu forums for translating the list. Unfortunately there is still no localisation announcement for  Dragon Ball Fusions, but those with access to a Japanese 3DS (the 3DS is region locked unfortunately) and the game can play it now.

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