Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle #36 Now Available

Kick off the weekend with 11 games!

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TGIF! Kick off the weekend with a brand new Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle! For only $2.99 during the first 24 hours of the sale, buyers will snag 11 great indie games.

For a minimum price of $1.00, buyers will receive:

Caveman World: Mountains of Unga Boonga – A retro styled platformer with modern 3d graphics set in the Stone Age.

A-Gents – Sean and Emma are two highly trained agents sent in to destroy criminal enterprises in a storm of bullets and explosions.


Legend – A retro styled beat’em up inspired by Final Fight and Streets of Rage.

For a minimum purchase of $2.99 in the first 24 hours, buyers will also receive:

Hashtag Dungeon – This dungeon crawler uses an incredibly novel method of generating dungeons: Twitter.


FIVE: Guardians of David – A Diablo style action RPG set during the Canaan during the Old Testament.

Auro – A turn based dungeon crawler inspired by the board game Abalone.

Super 3-D Noah’s Ark – The animals on Noah’s Ark have gotten loose and need to be corralled in this retro, family friendly FPS.


Where’s My Helmet? – A platformer starring Axel, a Viking with three axes used for climbing and combat.

RPG Tycoon – Get all the benefits of dungeon crawling with none of the danger by attracting heroes to your kingdom to do the dirty work for you!

Jim Power -The Lost Dimension – This SNES platformer has been remastered and bundled with the unreleased Sega Genesis version.


The Descendant – A point and click RPG set in one of the many Arks that keeps humanity alive after a post-apocalyptic event.

The $2.99 price will go up after 24 hours, so be sure to grab your bundle at Indie Gala today!

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