War Rock pits Clan against Clan this June

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War Rock pits Clan against Clan this June

New robust clan-based matchmaking system now available in multiplayer shooter

Berlin, Germany – 16th June 2016 – Free-to-play shooter, War Rock has received an update that adds a robust new Clan matchmaking system to the game, giving players the opportunity to team up with their buddies in game and take on other teams.

The update implements a new, streamlined auto-matchmaking system that makes easy for players to team up with their Clan and head into the action guns blazing. Players just need to create a waiting room that their members can join, select a map and mode and the game will do the rest; ensuring the clan is on the same team and pitting them against another clan.

An updated ranking system ups the competitive ante, stacking a clan‘s performance against others. Teams will earn points for winning matches, or have them deducted for losses.

In addition to overall team performance, the new Clan system ensures that the contribution of individual clan members is recognized.  Players can now easily access their personal record from the Clan Home page; from here they can view their Clan Battle Record which displays in game statistics such as number of wins and losses, win rate and clan dedication.

The new system also supports Friendly Clan Matches, which offer the same intense team-based battles but do not impact Clan Rankings. This means that clans can freely jump into matchups without putting it all on the line, and gives the perfect opportunity to get some team training in.

For further details on War Rock and the Clan Update please visit the official site at:http://en.warrock.nexoneu.com/.

About War Rock
Based on the in-house developed “Jindo Engine”, War Rock is a fast paced, large-scale FPS that offers nothing less than unique battlefields, remarkable game modes, a hardcore class system, and numerous vehicles. The game provides fast and fun action in the Close-Quarter Combat Modes (CQC), and inspires users to survive in the co-operative “AI Mode” with their own driving and piloting skills.

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