The Walking Dead Season Three Teased ahead of E3 2016

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Telltale Games gave fans a little taste of what is in store for them this fall in The Walking Dead: Season Three ahead of E3 2016. Clementine is continuing her adventures, this time as a young teenager and an experienced survivor. Gamers will control both Clementine and the newcomer Javier, another young survivor as skilled and as experienced as Clementine, in Season Three.


A new teaser trailer has been released alongside the announcement. The trailer kicks off with a zombie referred to as a “Mark Two” trudging towards its next meal of the freshly dead, before being shot in the head. We seem Clementine holding an empty, smoking gun and Javier handing her a new magazine. He says they are close to something, but it looks like we will be stuck waiting til the premiere this fall to find out.



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