Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle #114 Now Available

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Welcome the month of June in style with a brand new Every Monday Bundle from Indie Gala. This week’s bundle packs seven great indie games for only $1.89 during the first 24 hours.

Space Codex – A casual retro top down shooter featuring a chiptune soundtrack from Visager, sawsqaurenoise, and TeknoAXE.

CONTASION 2 – An open world top down action adventure set in a giant fictional city in North England filled with tons of weapons and vehicles to create havoc with.


LightWalk – A 2d puzzle platformer featuring mazes filled with multi-coloured lasers.

Dungeoncraft – A voxel based mutliplayer sandbox game with a magic system inspired by Dungeons & Dragons.

Antiflux – A metroidvania platformer featuring 60 levels and controls optimized for the Nvidia Shield.


Respawn Man – This red shirt will probably die a lot in this platformer, but at least it will be to a soundtrack by VVVVVV composer SoulEye.

Neon Space – An addictive action game that challenges players to dodge obstacles and solve puzzles to get to the other side.

Be sure to snag the bundle at Indie Gala before the price goes up!



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