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Exodus Will Bring New Hi-End Content And Present a Grand Finale For The Game’s Storyline!

Moscow, Russia –June 23, 2016 – Video game publisher My.com is proud to announce the release of the Exodus update for Evolution: Battle for Utopia. The highly successful mobile game will get an update that will end the storyline of the game with a grand finale. This will wrap up the players adventures on Utopia with a mind boggling twist, that will put all past story events in a whole new light.

Watch the new video HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_78WXFB8Bk

Exodus provides Hi-End content for the most experienced of commanders on Utopia. Players need to be prepared to meet dangerous new enemies in gorgeous locations, and fight alongside new powerful allies. My.com has prepared an exciting surprise for those that finish the now complete story. If you are willing to test your skills, you will find a completely new game mode at the end of the Exodus story.

Key Features:

  • Exciting gameplay: Experience real-time battle action and develop cunning tactics. Easy to pick up, yet difficult to master combat system, delivers the strength of an action game.
  • Establish a colony: Build a military base and fortify your defense with a system of turrets.
  • Terraform Utopia: Shape the planet as you transform its scorched wastelands into a thriving environments. Research and exploit alien technology and pioneer evolution.
  • Enthralling combat: Equip and upgrade yourself with the most advanced weaponry, and build an installation to run continental ballistic missiles to overwhelm enemies the size of a skyscraper!
  • Investigate the world: One of the most epic games in the history of iOS holds endless hidden surprises and secrets. Uncover them all in the game’s thrilling missions.
  • Fight alongside your friends and allies: Meet Fido, a cyborg dog and your faithful companion.
  • Find valuable resources: Search through hidden loots and hack electronic terminals to grow your wealth.
  • Challenge fellow players from all over the world in battles.


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