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Toukiden 2 Nets a Second Official Trailer


The second official trailer for Toukiden 2 has been released by Koei Tecmo and the three and a half minute video gives us a look at many aspects of the game which is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita in Japan on July 28th.


For those who haven’t been following the game, Toukiden 2 is set in the Meiji era where the world has been destroyed by the “Awakening.” Large “Oni” have appeared and with Slayers being the only ones capable of facing off against these beasts the Slayers have been battling to defend the city of Yokohama for quite some time. That is until a massive Oni appeared in the sky and with its appearance a single slayer was absorbed into the Oni Gate. Now ten years after that slayer disappeared, a new one has washed up on the shore of Mahoroba Village with no memories of their past.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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