The King of Fighters XIV’s Team Yagami Introduced in Latest Team Gameplay Video

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SNK and Atlus USA are continuing with their series of team videos and while the first one focused on introducing the members of Team Japan, this time around they are introducing the three members that make up TeamYagami . As one would expect, this team is made up of Iori Yagami, Mature, and Vice. This two minute long “Team Gameplay” trailer spends a bit of time showing off each of the three characters and the company has released some details about each one:

Iori Yagami – Iori is the last descendant of the Yagami clan, an ancient family linked to the Three Sacred Treasures. Iori fights the enemies on his way via his sharp claws and purple flames. Since a blood pact concluded with Orochi, he sometimes enters a state of “Riot of the Blood” madness. The Kusanagi and Yagami clans have been fighting each other for more than 660 years.

Mature – Mature was once one of the 8 members of the “Hakkeshu” brotherhood, who were plotting for the resurrection of the “Orochi” divinity. Mature fights with fluid and very quick movements, and lacerates her enemies with the sharp edge of her hands. In contrast to Vice, Mature is a cold-hearted realist.

Vice – Vice was once one of the eight members of the Orochi clan, which lurked in the shadows in order to revive the eponymous divinity. Despite her frail stature, the very violent and cruel Vice possesses superhuman strusth and excels in grappling moves, body slams, and shoulder charges. She shows interest in Iori whose Orochi blood flows in his veins.

As for the game itself, The King of Fighters XIV is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 in North America on August 23rd and in Japan on August 25th.

After playing games since a young age and getting into anime a bit later on its been time to write about a little bit of everything.

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