Guns, Explosions and More Guns in latest WarRock Update

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Guns, Explosions and More Guns in latest WarRock Update

Futuristic new map, weapons and items now available in shooter

Berlin, Germany – 18th May 2016 – Today, free-to-play shooter WarRock, will receive a content drop that will deliver a futuristic new map, weapon sets, daily events and rewards to players.

Set during the extended war, brand new Deathmatch map, Wild Boar, puts players in a hyper-modern, sci-fi inspired environment. Operatives from National Independence Union’s (N.I.U, War Rock’s rebel soldier’s team) special force are on an urgent mission to disarm and destroy a biochemical weapon deep within a secret DERBARAN facility. Players will come up against strong resistance on their mission, but with the right team work, tactics and firearms they will overcome the opposition.

Watch the new trailer of Wild Boar on YouTube: .

In addition to the new map, a range of new items and arms, including Lion, Lightning and country weapon sets will be added to the game. While a series of brand new daily missions give players the opportunity to get their hands on a variety of exciting rewards.

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About War Rock
Based on the in-house developed “Jindo Engine”, War Rock is a fast paced, large-scale FPS that offers nothing less than unique battlefields, remarkable game modes, a hardcore class system, and numerous vehicles. The game provides fast and fun action in the Close-Quarter Combat Modes (CQC), and inspires users to survive in the co-operative “AI Mode” with their own driving and piloting skills.

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