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Aniplex of America to Host ‘Sword Art Online’ Festival at Anime Expo This Year

Aniplex of America has just announced that they will be hosting the Sword Art Online Festival at Anime Expo 2016. The festival is being held to celebrate the upcoming worldwide release of the film Sword Art Online The Movie -Ordinal Scale-. The film will premiere in 2017.

The event will take place on July 2, 2016 in Petree Hall. It will feature 11 members of the English dub cast. These include: Bryce Papenbrook, Cherami Leigh, Cassandra Lee Morris, Stephanie Sheh, Michelle Ruff, Ben Diskin, Christine Cabanos, Sarah Williams, Patrick Seitz, Kirk Thornton and EricaMendez, as well as ADR script writer and director Alex von David as the MC. There will also be some secret guests attending the event. They will be revealed on the day.

The festival is similar to the Kill la Kill English Cast Panel that Aniplex of America hosted last year. It will feature live line readings, games and bloopers. There will also be an exclusive giveaway item for a limited number of attendees. Aniplex of America will make an announcement about the film at the event.

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