More Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter Characters Revealed

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Compile Heart has updated the official website for Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter and with it comes a few new details for the upcoming PS Vita dungeon crawler. Three new characters have been revealed and their names all reference various famous fairy tale heroines. The first girl is named Thumbelina and is the eldest of the three sisters that are part of the Chishiki Girls Squad. Being strict she often scolds Jack and has a hard time praising him.

Snow White is the middle of the three sisters in the group and she is kind and gentle to those she comes across, including Jack who she often tries to help out despite her clumsy nature. Finally the youngest of the three sisters is Sleeping Beauty. She often behaves oddly and due to her aimless nature she often acts strangely towards Jack and considering she rarely ever speaks, she is something of a mystery.

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