The Necron Overlord Arrives in Dawn of War 2: Retribution’s Last Stand Mode

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Celebrating the strategy game’s 5th anniversary, yesterday Relic Entertainment announced the exciting addition of the Necron Overlord to Warhammer 40,000Dawn of War 2: Retribution‘s Last Stand mode. A fan favorite and a long requested addition to Last Stand game play, the Necron Overlord marshals an absolute command of death. Functioning as either a long-range fast-firing shooter or melee powerhouse as you see fit, the Overlord’s final ability is to summon the fearsome star god itself, the C’Tan named Nightbringer. Armed with War Scythes, Resurrection Orbs, and all manner of green crackling energy weapons, the Necron Overlord is akin to the ancient Egyptian god of death, Anubis, if Anubis was built by Skynet. An announcement trailer can be viewed below.


The Necron Overlord teleports into Last Stand on March 10, where for 5 days it will be made free for all, to celebrate 5 years of DOW2: Retribution. Arriving much earlier however is a bug patch fix, tackling the most prominent community reported bugs. A full list of bugs can be found here. Overall Relic has done a good job answering community concerns, and continuing to engage with their fans even five years after release, and after being sold off to Sega in 2013. They even managed to pull off a victory in the last round of Make War Not Love 3, beating out competition veterans Company of Heroes, and Total War Attila. Maybe hope for a third installment in the Dawn of War saga is not completely lost yet.

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