Rope-swinging game Rope Racers is now available in the App Store

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Rope-swinging game Rope Racers is now available in the App Store

The new free-to-play instant multiplayer game Rope Racers from Small Giant Games is now available for download on the App Store. Starting on March 17th, Rope Racers will also swing onto Google Play.

Helsinki, Finland – March 10th, 2016 – Rope Racers, the addictive new multiplayer game from the Finnish mobile developer Small Giant Games, is now available free for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch in the App Store via The Android version will be available on Google Play as of March 17th. Check out the official trailer here

Players will have to swing, run, and race around the whole world against nine other players in order to become the best Rope Racer of all time. From the very start, the focus of the gameplay is on the multiplayer aspect, while the “intelligent matchmaking” ensures that the competitors in the race are on a similar game level and thus everyone starts with similar conditions.

During the game, players must attach a rope to the ceiling by touch and hold, giving them momentum and speed, while at the same time dodging many obstacles which can slow them down. Every level also has turboboosts and coins to collect, which can be used later for racing advantages.

In order to participate in a race, players use virtual currency for a participation fee. At the end of the race, every participant receives prize money – the amount depends on their position – as soon as they cross the finish line. Cool and funny characters can be collected in the game to build teams. These characters can be upgraded with the coins earned to change their appearance or improve their skills.

Along with the career mode, the game also includes a feature for friendly races, where players can challenge their friends on social media to find out who the ultimate Rope Racer is! Get ready now to be able to keep up in Rope Racers, one of the fastest multiplayer action games ever!


  • An addictive rope-swinging game!
  • Compete against real people from around the world
  • Tens of exciting levels spread in 20 challenging leagues
  • Insanely fast gameplay with simple controls
  • Impressive graphics with gorgeous locations such as Paris and Las Vegas
  • Large roster of cool and funny characters that can be unlocked and upgraded
  • Friendly tournaments against Facebook friends
  • Available in 9 languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Turkish


About Small Giant Games

Small Giant Games is a mobile games company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company was founded by a team of game industry experts, who were the core team members and pioneers of free to play game development at Habbo Hotel. Small Giant focuses on creating beautiful and deeply engaging character driven multiplayer mobile games for advanced casual gamers.

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