Wandering Son Mangaka Creates Short Manga For Upcoming Single

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When it comes to making music getting a mangaka involved is always a good option; they can design an album cover like the Evangelion author did for Eric Clapton, or they can create a short manga to be included in an upcoming single like Takako Shimura.

The creator of Wandering Son and Aoi Hana has created a short series which will accompany the latest single from voice actress/signer Kana Hanazawa, the song is titled “Tōmei na Onna no Ko” and is going to be on sale in Japan within the next two weeks.

Hanazawa has made three studio albums and released eight singles, you may recognise her voice in Oreimo as Kuroneko or as Mayuri in Steins; Gate. The single is being produced by Yukari Yamazaki, band member of pop rock group Kukikodan, the band has been involved with Shimura before as they provided the opening theme for the Aoi Hana (Sweet Blue Flowers) anime.

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