Outcast Odyssey Mobile CCG Adds Game-Changing Updates

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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America’s acclaimed mobile collectible card game (CCG), Outcast Odyssey, adds game-changing new features including powerful new Exalted cards and a resource management system to make exalted cards more powerful. Outcast Odyssey players can access the updated features as part of a free update rolling out on Android and iOS beginning today.

To showcase these improvements, please check out the latest Outcast Odyssey video and screenshots here: https://www.yousendit.com/download/ZWJYbUpYTWNUME5FQmRVag

Exalted cards are rare, special editions of each card in the game, recognizable by their gold borders. Although these cards start with the same stats as their non-exalted counterparts, they gain better stats when enhanced and their skills become even more effective. Exalted cards require resource tokens to evolve, and can only evolve with other exalted cards. Players can earn exalted cards by fighting monsters and completing quests, or purchasing packs in the store.

Resource tokens add new layers of depth to every battle, and may appear after battling enemies in campaigns, bounties or select events. Players can even earn resources as rewards for completing new quests. Every day of the week, the resource will change and can either be a hero, weapon, armor, pet, tech, nature or magic resource token. An all-new inventory screen will show players their current resources.


With 900 beautifully crafted cards by some of the industry’s most prominent artists, Outcast Odyssey delivers a new kind of mobile card battle experience. Whether you’re exploring mysterious landscapes, battling fearsome creatures, or dominating other players in the Arena, your deck-building skills will be put to the test with limitless card combinations and strategies. Outcast Odyssey is free to play, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

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