Good Robot Rescues PyroCorp’s Reputation (And Humanity), this April on Steam

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Good Robot Rescues PyroCorp’s Reputation (And Humanity), this April on Steam

Pyrodactyl Announces New Fast-Paced Roguelike Shoot ‘em Up Coming to Steam in April

Jaipur, India – February 24, 2016 – Pyrodactyl, the studio behind Unrest, the award-winning RPG set in ancient India, today announced its latest project. Good Robot blends bullet hell shoot ‘em up action with roguelike mechanics, challenging players to annihilate thousands of lesser robots across vivid procedurally generated sci-fi labyrinths.

The year is 2031, and robots perform all the boring and repetitive tasks, which leaves humans with all the exciting jobs – like desperately fighting malfunctioning kill-crazed robots. The Good Robot was built to reverse the stereotype that robots are violent disasters, chiefly by seeking out and systematically destroying every wayward robot in the colony. It might take a while and you might want to invest in a warranty – as soon as you’ve fought enough robots to afford one.

“Sense of humor is definitely the key to survive in Good Robot”, said Arvind Raja Yadav, Programmer and Game Designer of Pyrodactyl. “We also went ahead and threw in a bunch of bouncing plasma discs, laser shotguns and flak cannons for good measure. Otherwise it might be a little tough fighting all the other robots armed with homing missiles and ion blasters”.

Good Robot is coming to Steam this April for PC, Mac and Linux. For more information, please visit

View the Good Robot trailer here:

About Good Robot

Good Robot is an action packed roguelike shoot ‘em up based in a post-apocalyptic world sprinkled with dystopian black humor. The protagonist is a floating robot savior pitted against an endless array of plasma-packing battle-armored “programming errors”, fighting for peace, justice, and no lawsuits.

About Pyrodactyl

Pyrodactyl is an indie game studio that creates unconventional role-playing games for PC, Mac and Linux. Their games are notable for their interesting storylines, conversation mechanics and unique brand of humor, such as Unrest, Will Fight for Food and A.Typical RPG

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