Dragon Ball Super Episode 5 Issues Corrected with Home Release

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For those following along with Dragon Ball Super one way or another, you might remember episode 5 as the now infamous terribly drawn episode where Goku fought Beerus for the very first time utilising his three main Super Saiyan forms. Fans were wondering if the poor art and animation would be corrected for the home release as does happen in some instances. Now with the release of the first season of Dragon Ball Super on Blu-ray and DVD in Japan and thanks to Japanese Twitter user @iza_dbwj it is confirmed that some scenes have indeed been improved!

Some touch ups are a lot more noticeable than others but it’s a large improvement none the less. Anime in Japan, especially long weekly running series such as Dragon Ball and Naruto often have these kind of issues due to the hasty release schedule but it’s nice to see Toei taking some time to fix these mistakes. An international release for Super is still a long while away and a home release even further, although it was announced last month that an English dub would be produced, however it would not be by Funimation (who I still fully expect to receive the dubbing rights to Dragon Ball Super as well eventually, if they haven’t begun work on it already).

Feel free to check out our full review of the Battle of Gods arc of Dragon Ball Super before you leave and stay with us for all the Dragon Ball news as it becomes available. Feel free to let us know what you think of these animation touch ups in the comments below.

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