New War Rock update will leave you gasping for air

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New War Rock update will leave you gasping for air

Intense new game mode added to free-to-play shooter; Christmas event revealed

We’ve got a situation on our hands here, soldier. Our latest black-op at the NIU lab has gone hot, and as our best Derbaran operative we need you to get in there and sort this mess out. This month free-to-play multiplayer shooter War Rock will receive a white-knuckle new game mode, an atmospheric map, formidable new characters and a snow-load of Christmas content. Experience what’s new to War Rock in this brand new trailer:

Launching December 16th, Foggy Escape Mode is an intense new elimination game type that pits a team of humans against a team of nearly unstoppable madmen. The setup is simple; the humans have to evacuate the area by reaching a designate safe zone, or by eliminating all opposition. The Madmen have to stop the humans from achieving their objective, either by blocking their route or by putting an end to them.

Foggy Escape mode is played out on an atmospheric new map, which is making its debut exclusively in European territories. Set in the surrounding area of a recently-exploded secret NIU laboratory, the play area is shrouded by a dense toxic gas which severely limits the human’s field of view, giving the Madmen the upper-hand.

Applying further pressure to the humans, are the three new Madmen characters – based on speed, tank and suicide classes – that are now available for selection. Furthermore, the Madmen gain additional abilities every time they successfully take out a human, ensuring that the humans need to work as a team if they hope to stand a chance at surviving.

Additionally, this winter War Rock celebrates the holiday season with the Christmas 2015 Update. Players will be able to experience a number of specially prepared events, exp boosts, themed costumes and more. For further details on the Christmas Update please visit the official War Rock microsite at:


About War Rock
Based on the in-house developed “Jindo Engine”, War Rock is a fast paced, large-scale FPS that offers nothing less than unique battlefields, remarkable game modes, a hardcore class system, and numerous vehicles. The game provides fast and fun action in the Close-Quarter Combat Modes (CQC), and inspires users to survive in the co-operative “AI Mode” with their own driving and piloting skills.

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