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FUNimation Acquires the Home Video Distribution Rights to ‘C3’

FUNimation Entertainment has just announced their acquisition of the home video distribution rights to the C3 (Cube x Cursed x Curious) anime. It will be available on a DVD and Blu-ray combo pack in North America on March 15, 2016. The release will present the episodes with Japanese audio and English subtitles. FUNimation provided a description of the series:

Fear the curse. Free the cube. Haruaki Yachi has seen his fair share of curses, but despite his familiarity, even Haruaki is out of his element when his father mails him a cursed torture cube with the humanoid figure of a cute young girl named Fear Kubrick (no relation). Now, he’s got to help her break her curse and leave behind her homicidal past before dangerous forces get ahold of her deadly powers. Sassy loudmouth Fear has a hard time keeping a low profile, but with the help of Haruaki’s other cursed comrades, maybe this cubed cutie can find her place in the human world—IF she can break her curse.

FUNimation recommends this series to fans of anime such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica and School-Live, as well as fans of the animation style of Silver Link, known for anime series such as Baka and Test and Yurikuma Arashi.

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