Carve a bloody path this December with Vindictus

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Carve a bloody path this December with Vindictus

A phantom mage joins ever-expanding MMO roster; 28 days of rewards for new players

Mercenary, you have come to me seeking vengeance, and vengeance is what you shall get! This month popular, free-to-play MMORPG, Vindictus, will receive a new update bringing an unforgiving new character to the game, an innovative new type of shop, fresh events and a plethora of rewards for newcomers.

On 9th December, Sylas will emerge like a spectre from the void, joining the already formidable Vindictus line up. A dexterous, powerful mage, Sylas is on a vengeful journey to break free from his dark past. Equipped with a dozen mystical phantom blades, he is able to carve a bloody path through his foes; slashing, smashing, crashing all that stand in his way. What’s more, his magical daggers double as a protective shield, meaning his defence is equally as powerful as his offence.

Sylas’ arrival marks the perfect jumping-on point for players new to Vindictus. His rapid, energy driven abilities effortlessly deflect and rebut enemy attacks, confounding foes with his performance of pain. Furthermore, new players who sign up in December will earn themselves a daily reward for 28 days from the date of their account creation.

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In addition to Sylas, a brand new in-game store will soon be opening for business which will be accessible for players Level 40 and above. The new store will only accept one form of currency: AP – essentially allowing players to get cash items for free, well, with a little work – but a little sweat never hurt anyone.

AP is earned by completing dungeons and raids, and traditionally used to level up the skills of a character. The new AP store gives players the opportunity instead to spend their AP on a range of items. The shop can be accessed by speaking to NPC, Ernmass, who can be found in the town of Colhen. Players will be limited to certain number of purchases each day/week depending on the item in question.

The new update also includes ice cold winter-themed maps, and a range of special holiday events that players can participate in to receive a variety of rewards.

With all the great new content arriving in Vindictus this December, there really has never been a better time to start playing. So what are you waiting for mercenary? Sign up today and dish out some vengeance of your own.

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Vindictus is a fast action MMORPG built on Valve’s Source engine that offers unprecedented freedom of motion and smooth flowing combat unlike anything ever experienced in a free-to-play MMORPG. Use anything and everything to battle against your foes and work with your allies to fulfill the prophecy and bring Erinn to reality. For more information on Vindictus, please visit the official website at

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