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IRVINE, CALIF. – Nov. 24, 2015 Beware and be thankful, as the dungeons in CABAL 2 have been revitalized with a vengeance with a new update, live today!

ESTsoft, Inc. revealed details for the latest free content update for CABAL 2, offering warriors the chance to take on waves of bosses in familiar dungeons with added twists and difficulty.

With the new Challenge Mode, players will go toe-to-toe with waves of even more powerful bosses in timed battles. After defeating each boss, time is added to the clock, giving warriors the ability to slay multiple bosses as they work to beef up their ranking in their fight for survival.

Along with rankings, players will be rewarded with the introduction of Runes as they complete each Challenge Mode dungeon. Runes offer players an increase in player stats and are upgraded to become even more powerful and useful through the Rune Transformation System. Additionally, warriors can earn Runes through challenge points, which are also given as a reward for completing Challenge Mode dungeons. Claim victory in the Challenge Mode dungeons to build a collection of Runes and gain the strongest of attributes.

The familiar Calm Snowy Fields, Hall of the Recluse, Heavenly Citadel and Lupurs Excavation Site dungeons each return as Challenge Mode dungeons, now with a level-45 requirement to enter and dominate. To secure the best rewards, players will need to conquer their enemies in record time.

Full details on the Challenge Mode update can be found at:

Members of the media can download assets, including an all-new trailer, at:

CABAL 2 features combat that is fluid and skill-based, but also offers all the depth and strategy players would expect from a genuine MMO experience. Designed by passionate MMO gamers for fans of the genre, the game’s fast-paced combat and focus on role-playing game (RPG) elements harken back to classic MMOs.

Evolving from the wildly-successful CABAL Online, which hosts nearly 30 million users from more than 60 countries around the world, CABAL 2 is a high-fantasy MMO for PC which combines deep, immersive RPG elements with epic skill-based battles. This next chapter in the CABAL series bring a unique style of gameplay sure to appeal to players who are both nostalgic for the classic MMOs of the past, but also still enjoy the technical advancements of modern PC gaming.

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ESTsoft Inc. is the North American publishing and operations arm of ESTsoft Corp, a leading Korean software company since 1993. ESTsoft delivers essential software products and innovative online games around the world. ESTsoft has been a KOSDAQ listed company since 2008.

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