Acclaimed Developer Days of Wonder Announces Digital Release of Splendor available now on the Steam platform

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Acclaimed Developer Days of Wonder Announces Digital Release of Splendor available now on the Steam platform

Award-winning strategy board game makers invite players to dive into a unique world of Renaissance merchantry. 

Los Altos, CA; Paris, France – September 17, 2015 – Days of Wonder, an Asmodee studio and a leading developer and publisher of board games, is proud to announce today the release of SPLENDOR on the Steam platform, the world’s most popular PC gaming platform. SPLENDOR is a faithful digital adaptation of the Space Cowboys board game, which has sold more than 200,000 copies globally, immersing players in the heart of a unique Renaissance world to deliver a friendly and exciting experience.

Following its success on iOS and Android devices this summer, Splendor is now available for PC and is landing today on the Steam platform. The adaptation of Space Cowboys’ popular board game, Splendor is a captivating strategy turn-based card game with simple and intuitive rules, which takes you to the heart of the Renaissance era. Splendor delivers an exciting gameplay where everything is based on your skills as a strategist.

To enhance the release, the new updated version (1.1) is improving the mobile and PC gaming experience through patches, but especially with new challenges! The “Saint Petersburg” pack joins the three previous packs of challenges, allowing players to test their ability to deal with complex and unique situations. These new challenges, based on historical facts, take place in Russia from the thirteenth to the early seventeenth century and push players to take on the infamous Ivan the Terrible.

Key Features:

  •         Faithful adaptation of Space Cowboys’ board game.
  •         Pick-up and play. Rules only take 5 minutes to learn with the game tutorial
  •         Sublime graphics, originally seen in the board game, coupled with atmospheric Renaissance music.
  •         Local pass and play mode for up to 4 players.
  •         Exclusive “Challenges” game mode based on actual historical facts, which occurred during the 15th and 16th century.
  •         A complex artificial intelligence based on player behavior instead of difficulty levels.
  •         A playful interactive tutorial with an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
  •         Online leaderboard enables players to compare scores from all over the world.

The official digital adaptation of SPLENDOR is available NOW on Steam for $9.99. To download and/or join Steam visit the Splendor Steam page.

SPLENDOR is also available for IOS and Android.

More info on Splendor here

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About Space Cowboys – publisher of Splendor board game

Space Cowboys is an up-and-coming board game publisher who already has three games under its belt: the worldwide bestseller Splendor (Golden Geek Award 2014), Elysium (nominated for KennerSpiel des Jahres) and Black Fleet (UK Games Expo 2015 Board Game of the Year Award). This board game design studio was established in 2013 by the founders and pillars of Asmodee (French board game market leader) Marc Nunes, Philippe Mouret and Croc. Expanding their footprint over the game market for several years now, they have created a new synergy to create bold and innovative play concepts, such as Time Stories, scheduled for the end of 2015. 

About Days of Wonder, an Asmodee studio – publisher of Splendor digital games

Days of Wonder®, a studio owned by Asmodee, develops and publishes one of a kind games, as reflected in the company’s slogan “Play different”.™. The smashing successes that are Ticket to Ride®, the best-selling train game, Small World® and its epic conquests in a fantasy world; and Memoir ’44® , the definitive World War II board game, supported by more than twenty expansions, motivate Days of Wonder to always raise the bar higher. Days of Wonder games are distributed in 40 countries and their digital versions are available on the App Store and on Google Play, as well as on Steam and on Days of Wonder’s website. To date, the company has sold more than 5 million games and over 45 million game sessions have been played online on its website. It also remains the youngest company to ever win the prestigious “Spiel des Jahres” (Game of the Year Award in Germany), the most coveted prize in the world in the field of board games. 

About Asmodee

Founded in 1995 in France and with offices in 7 countries including England, China and the United States, Asmodee is a publisher and distributor of popular board and card games like 7 Wonders, Jungle Speed ​​and Dobble. With six studios publishing and distributing games in more than 44 countries, Asmodee sells more than 10 million games per year. Asmodee’s reputation for delivering strategically challenging games with attractive design, has earned the company unfailing loyalty from fans, families, hard core players and also casual gamers.

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