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The Pilot’s Love Song Premium Edition Now Available in North America


The Pilot’s Love Song Premium Edition has been released in North America today by NIS America. This series, which is set in the same world as the anime movie The Princess and the Pilot, first debuted in Japan back in 2009 as a light novel and was given an anime adaptation in early 2014.

The Pilot’s Love Song follows the story of a Kal-el Albus and his sister Ariel as they begin attending the Flight Division of Cadaques Military High School where the students search for the fabled “End of the Sky.” Throughout the series Kal-el forges a number of new friendships and even falls in love but as he learns more about the school and those attending it, the horrors of war begin to take their toll on the students as they are thrust into the middle of battle.

The premium edition release includes the thirteen episode series on two Blu-ray discs and comes with a hardcover art book and a chipboard slipcase featuring art from the series. Those who wish to purchase the anime can do so from NIS America’s online store for $51.99.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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