Mobile Strategy Game Dawn of Steel Ready for Launch on iOS

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Mobile Strategy Game Dawn of Steel Ready for Launch on iOS

High-profile mobile game by flaregames and Superweapon will be published on September 24th exclusively for iPad and iPhone

Karlsruhe / San Francisco – September 21rst, 2015 | Flaregames, a leading international developer and publisher of F2P mobile games, announced today that Dawn of Steel, a deeply tactical strategy game for iOS devices, launches worldwide on September 24th, 2015. The developer is Superweapon, a new studio comprised of friends who worked on prestigious strategy game franchises like Command & Conquer, Empires & Allies, Company of Heroes, and The Lord of the Rings. Dawn of Steel will be free to play and be available localized in 17 languages.

Klaas Kersting, CEO of flaregames, says: “I simply cannot overstate my excitement. Superweapon and flaregames worked so hard on this game. We’re very pleased with how it came out and are dying to see how gamers worldwide will react to it!”

Amer Ajami, President of Superweapon, adds: “We used the months since the game was announced to expand and polish the meta gameplay, giving Dawn of Steel a new strategic dimension. We also added more content, fixed bugs and incorporated feedback from hundreds of players. A developer’s work is never done, but we’re sure to have created a game that millions of players will love!”

Dawn of Steel aims to capture the essence of the real-time strategy genre for mobile devices: Players assemble squads of giant mechanized walkers, called Rigs, and direct them on an assault of enemy fortifications. Success depends on tactical prowess, quick decision-making, and precise movement. This is assisted by the intuitive direct-touch control scheme that gives the player many options of how to harness the mechanized power he’s controlling. To defend against these mighty armored behemoths, dealing destruction with surgical precision, is no easy feat: Players have to use cunning, strategic foresight and, again, tactical thinking, as base-building in Dawn of Steel is more than just unlocking and placing buildings. Commanders get to utilize stationary weaponry, which must be arranged carefully to maximise damage with overlapping lines of sight, and can launch automated counter-attacks through the use of unit-spawning buildings. They must align buildings within the effects of auxiliary installations to maximize their defensive potential, and this makes for base-building that is unmatched in tactical depth.

On the lush surface of the planet Leviathan, corporate armies battle for control of Plasma, the most precious resource of all. And on this very battlefield, the fate of Earth will be determined.


About Superweapon

Headquartered in Southern California, Superweapon is a small team of game devs whose collective experience includes work on the Command & Conquer, Company of Heroes, The Lord of the Rings, Crysis, and Empires & Allies franchises. The studio has been working on Dawn of Steel since its founding in 2013.

About flaregames

flaregames is a fast-growing mobile game publisher and developer focused on creating fun, high-quality, free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets. The company has a pipeline of games in development internally, and is working with some of the world’s most talented mobile game developers to bring their games to mobile gamers.

The company was founded in 2011 by a group of industry veterans, including Klaas Kersting, the former CEO and founder of online games category leader Gameforge. flaregames is venture-backed, having raised $23 million from international VCs like Accel Partners and T-Ventures. Funds are used to employ industry-leading talent, build world-class games and ensure the company fulfills its destiny of becoming a major publisher reaching and entertaining the massive global audience of mobile gamers.

flaregames is based in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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