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Xbox One welcomes players to Facility 7 – Magnetic: Cage Closed Available Now

Xbox One welcomes players to Facility 7 – Magnetic: Cage Closed Available Now

 Puzzle-thriller on the Xbox One includes all challenge maps from the PC Collector’s Edition –

Austin, Texas – Magnetic: Cage Closed hits the Xbox One console today from the curious minds at Guru Games and publisher Gambitious Digital Entertainment as a digital downloadable title for US$14.99. Released on the PC platform earlier this year, Magnetic: Cage Closed challenges Xbox fans with unique platforming puzzle gameplay, wrapped in an electrifying story of strange experiments conducted on prisoners at the hands of a sociopathic warden.

Armed with an experimental device called a Magnet Gun, players must manipulate and master the physics-based properties of magnetic forces if they are to find a way out – but no choice is without consequence in Facility 7 and you’ll be pushed to your psychological and moral limits before all is said and done.

The console version boasts precise controls for the Xbox controllers as players harness innovative real-life magnetic properties to realistically push, pull, slow down or speed up their movement through a series of increasingly complex puzzles.

Each playthrough offers brand new things to explore in a vast, ever-changing prison complex, and the console edition of Magnetic: Cage Closed comes complete with all the extra in-game content originally featured in its successful PC Collector’s edition that was released earlier this year. Plus, as a special thank you to all those whom bought it when it first came out on PC, the developers will be releasing five new devilishly difficult challenge maps for free on Steam to coincide with its launch on Xbox One.

Find out more about Magnetic at http://gurugames.se/ and follow Gambitious on Twitter, @GambitiousInc.

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About Guru Games

Guru Games is an independent game developer working out of Skövde, Sweden. There are currently eleven members on the team, and their goal is to create exceptional experiences and memorable games. So far the team has Launched Magnetic: Cage Closed of Steam and Xbox One and a mobile game called Crazy Sorting Factory on iOS and Android. Their goal is to continue making games that leave players with something more than a short action extravaganza, by making players think about their actions within the virtual worlds that they create. The team designs their games in a way that lets them choose their own path, but forces them to face the consequences of the choices they make.

About Gambitious Digital Entertainment

Gambitious Digital Entertainment is a publishing label created as a key component of an ongoing effort to offer artist-friendly digital content production and publishing (inspired by Devolver Digital) to an ever-growing number of developers around the world, utilizing an evolving set of creative crowd finance tools and techniques to get more great games funded, produced, and successfully released. They’ve also won every publisher dance-off they’ve been invited to.