Nyaruko Season 1, WAGNARIA!!2, and YuruYuri Season 1 Standard Editions Announced

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Every time that NIS America releases a new anime series in the West they always give those eager to purchase a series the option to buy a special premium edition. As time goes on however, these premium editions go out of stock and when this happens fans have to wait for the series to either be re-stocked, such as Love Live! Season One, or hope for an eventual standard edition release.


Thankfully NIS America had some news for those who were a bit late to the party on three of their anime properties as the company has announced that on June 23rd they will be releasing standard editions for Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1, WAGNARIA!!2 Complete Second Series, and YuruYuri Season 1. Unlike the original sets, each of these three standard editions will only feature the anime series on Blu-ray with their original on-disc bonus features and a leaflet.


For those interested in these series, we have reviewed all three in the past. The reviews for Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! Season 1 can be found here, WAGNARIA!!2 Complete Second Series here, and YuruYuri Season 1 here.

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