New Dragon Ball Super Promotional Artwork Shows New Characters

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Fat Beerus and female Whis!? Today the official website for Dragon Ball Super launched in Japan and with that came a cool new bit of artwork showing most characters in their outfits from the recent movie Battle of Gods. As you can tell by my opening words, the most shocking part of this artwork is the reveal of two new characters, which judging by their poses and position could very well be the next antagonist the Z Warriors will try to take down. We don’t have names as of yet but I kind of like the sound of Fat Beerus.

Could this finally be the exploration of one of the 11 other universes Beerus mentioned back in Battle of Gods? Or perhaps this is some sort of parallel Beerus and Whis and we can expect more parallel versions to come? Keep checking back with Capsule Computers for all the latest Dragon Ball Super and other anime news as it is released.

Nathan Farrugia - Editor at Capsule Computers. Raised on a Super Nintendo playing Donkey Kong Country, I'm a gamer who loves consoles and handhelds. Also a massive Dragon Ball fan and competitive Pokemon player. Don't be afraid to leave comments on my articles, I love to read them and reply!

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