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Melee Focused ‘For Honor’ Announced by Ubisoft


While Ubisoft had a few things to show off that we already knew about, they had a few surprises as well. This includes a brand new I.P. that was revealed during their E3 2015 press conference called For Honor for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For Honor is meant to be a fast-paced multiplayer title featuring the melee classes of Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Each of these three classes will have unique skills and weaponry with each class having a chance to turn the tide of battle and help their faction win.

Players will be able to capture control points throughout the map and slaughter their enemies in a “groundbreaking” multiplayer mode that features the “Art of Battle” control system that lets players wield the weight of your weapon to feel the power and impact of every strike. Check out the announcement trailer as well as some multiplayer footage below.

Reveal Trailer

Multiplayer Footage

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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