Dontnod’s Next Project will be the RPG Vampyr

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Focus Home Interactive and Dontnod (Life is Strange) announced their next collaboration will be the RPG Vampyr.

The pair released a concept trailer that sets the stage for their upcoming game. Set in 20th century London, the Spanish Flu is ravaging the world, and will eventually kill off 3-5% of the entire human population. The flu is not the only disease to terrorize humanity, the vampires are also walking the streets. Players will become John E. Reid, a military surgeon, WWI veteran, and now a vampire. He is battling to stay as human as possible while being gripped with the growing hunger for blood.



The blood serves as the source of Reid’s power and his health, forcing the player to make difficult choices in combat.  The entire world is a potential feeding ground for Reid, but each life taken may cause unexpected consequences in the future. Vampyr will feature a deep crafting system that will arm Reid with powerful weapons. The game features melee, ranged, and magical combat against a variety of creatures, both human and supernatural.

Vampyr will launch in 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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