Cyber Gadget’s Retrofreak Video Game Console Is Now Available for Pre-order

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About three and a half months ago, Japanese video game paraphernalia designer Cyber Gadget revealed their Retrofreak retro video game console system. Previously translated details can be found here and here. Just this week, Cyber Gadget revealed that the system is planned for release this October, and the variations of the console, which will be detailed below, are now available for pre-order.

There are two variations. Retrofreak Model CY – RF – A will come with an adapter for 11 types of cartridges, a standard controller, a HDMI Cable and an AC adapter. This model will sell for 20,000 yen plus tax. Retrofreak Model CY – RF – B will include a controller adapter that will allow players to use their Family Computer, Mega Drive, PC Engine and Super Famicom controllers and to use their Family Computer Expansion Connectors when playing their games. This model will sell for 23,000 yen plus tax.

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