Live-Action ‘Death Note’ TV Drama’s Main Cast Revealed

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Just over a month ago, the official website for NTV’s live-action Death Note TV drama series launched. Ryuk the Shinigami began making posts on the official Twitter account at the same time. Now, the cast details for Light Yagami, L and Near have been revealed.

Masataka Kubota will play the main role of Light Yagami, Kento Yamazaki will play L and Mio Yuuki will star as Near. After finding out who is playing Near, people have been asking questions on Twitter such as “Why is Near a girl?” and making statements such as “Near’s cosplay is below standard. It’s lame”.

More information can be found at the official website here. Details about how the plot of this adaptation will differ from the plot of the manga have not yet been revealed.

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