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AnimEigo’s Kickstarter for ‘Otaku no Video’ Otaking Edition Subtitled Blu-ray to go Live on June 2

Robert Woodhead has announced that following the recent draft proposal of a Kickstarter for a subtitled “Otaking Edition” Blu-ray of Gainax’s mockumentary Otaku no Video, the Kickstarter will go live at 10am ET on June 2. Woodhead is the co-founder of AnimEigo, the last of the original dedicated anime licensors and distributors in North America.

The Otaking Edition Blu-ray will include the Otaku no Video 1982 OVA and the sequel OVA Zoku Otaku no Video 1985 in Japanese with English subtitles. There will also be two subtitled commentary tracks, featuring Kikuko Inoue (voice actress), Shoji Murahama (Animation Producer and “cel thief” in the OVA), Hiroyuki Yamaga (Founding Member and President of Gainax) and Hiroki Sato (Anime Producer and “garage kit otaku” in the OVA). These will be curated by anime historian Toru Sano. An English language commentary track may be added. A Klingon subtitle track will be included if a stretch goal is met.

Physical bonuses will include a 9-panel insert sheet with mini-poster, printed program notes, colour artwork, line art (settei), scans of the original after-recording scripts and more. All non-digital-only backers will be credited on the disc. The packaging of the basic set will be a premium transparent Amaray case with a reversible sleeve insert. The character designer of the OVA, Ken’ichi Sonoda, will produce new artwork and graphics materials for use as stretch goals.

For a higher bitrate, AnimEigo will be using a BD50. The recent Japanese release used a BD25. All three subtitle tracks, the main feature and two commentary tracks, will be featured in both multicolour and greyscale variants. The Blu-ray will be region-free and can be shipped worldwide except to Japan.

For releases of other classic anime OVAs and more, check out AnimEigo’s official website here. For preview videos and more details about pledge rewards and stretch goals, check out the Kickstarter page here.

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