FUNimation Reveals the ‘009 Re:Cyborg’ English Dub Cast

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FUNimation Entertainment has just announced the English dub cast for Production I.G’s 2012 anime film 009 Re:Cyborg, which was directed by Kenji Kamiyama, director of Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and Eden of the East.

The dub will be produced by N.Y.A.V. Post, with voice direction by Michael Sinterniklass and Anthony Tortorici and mixing by David Raymer. The dub cast is as follows:

  • 009: Joe Shimamura – Jason Griffith
  • 002: Jet Link – Marc Diraison
  • 003: Françoise Arnoul – Erin Fitzgerald
  • 004: Albert Heinrich – Dave B. Mitchell
  • 007: Great Britain – John White
  • 008: Pyunma – Marcus Griffin
  • 006: Chang Changku – Micahel Sorich
  • 005: Geronimo Jr. – Patrick Seitz
  • 001: Ivan Whisky – Stephanie Sheh
  • Dr. Isaac Gilmore – George C. Cole
  • Samuel Klein – Kevin T. Collins
  • Void – Greg Abbey
  • Navy Man – Sean Schemmel

FUNimation also announced that the first print-run of the home-video release will be limited edition and come with a exclusive 44-page interview and data booklet, which will include behind-the-scenes content, artwork, character profiles and a “very thorough interview with the director”. It will be available for pre-order later today ahead of its release on July 28, 2015. The release will be a DVD and Blu-ray combo-pack.

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