Nintendo Releases a Shiny New Trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles 3D

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Since its inception, many have been waiting for the New Nintendo 3DS XL to receive its first ever exclusive, which will be none other than Xenoblade Chronicles 3D. While the once impossible to release in the west title has risen due to the fans, it has been Nintendo that has ensured this gem lives past its Wii installment, and today, a new trailer has arisen to show off what fans can expect.

Even though its the same experience, everything has been formatted for the portable, and the visuals have taken a very minor bump to deliver what may be the grandest experience we have seen on the platform to date. Sure, X is still a ways away, but come next month, fans will get a reminder of why Nintendo have so much faith in Monolith Soft to begin with. Check out the clip below and get ready as Xenoblade Chronicles 3D is due out April 10th.

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