Donkey Kong Country Returns to the eShop; Three Donkey Kong Land Titles Added

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Donkey Kong Country is a very special title – as are its sequels. Sure, I like the Retro sequels fine, but they lack a great quality that made these three games timeless that only Rareware could make. It was criminal when Nintendo lost the license for the eShop a couple of years back (which is the RUMOR of what happened, I personally think it was so no one would compare them to the newer titles), but now – DK, Diddy, Dixie, and all of the rest of this family are back.

As of today, you can pick up all three versions for the Wii U Virtual Console at a nice low price. If that wasn’t enough, all three Donkey Kong Land titles are available on the 3DS as well, which is fantastic to see as while similar, each bring a unique bit of portable platform bliss to the table.

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  1. Woot. Original Donkey Kong Country Trilogy among the best games on SNES and best games ever.

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