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Not much is known about the so-far-arcade-only title Pokken Tournament, but that has changed thanks to a live stream held yesterday in Japan with the games producer Katsuhiro Harada and head of The Pokemon Company Japan as well as a bunch of very excited Japanese Pokemon fans. A few matches were played unveiling game mechanics, new stages and even new playable Pokemon.

The game will be played with a D-pad and standard face buttons, even in arcades. Battles take place in a fairly small 3D arena, similar to the Naruto Storm series but with slower movement. So far, there are 5 playable Pokemon including Machamp and Lucario and the newly announced Pikachu, Gardevoir and Suicune.


Each Pokemon has a gauge they can fill and then use up to enter a Burst Mode, which is either a more standard powerup (such as Pikachu getting surrounded by a lightning aura) or that Pokemon’s Mega Evolution. Each Pokemon has a number of weak and strong attacks which can be comboed, special moves and ultimate attacks. You can see Pikachu use Volt Tackle in the video below. For defensive options it seems you can perform a standard block or do a side step. Pokemon can also jump and perform attacks in the air.

Another interesting similarity to the Naruto Storm games is that you can take two supports into battle with you and then summon them at any time, picking one of the two supports before the round starts (matches are best of 3 rounds). These Pokemon included Snivy, Emolga, Fennekin and Lapras who performed different attacks. The game will have a single player mode, local two player and also online mode so you can vs other people in arcades.


There is no word of a Wii U release as of yet (or even a release outside of Japan), but we don’t see why this wouldn’t come to Nintendo’s home console given the popularity of the series and that the Wii U has not received a full fledged Pokemon title as of yet. Check out the full live stream video below with commentary and let us know your thoughts on this Pokemon/Tekken crossover title. You can check out our mock roster for the game here.

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