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Create Your Own Tale with Elegy for a Dead World


It’s not often that we see video games coupled with the themes and ideas of classic romantic literature, but indie developers Dejobaan Games were able to pull it off beautifully with Elegy for a Dead World.

The game is a side-scrolling platform PC game with amazingly simple game play; you explore three distant planets and dead civilizations that are representative of the works of classic British poets Percy Bysshe, John Keats and Lord Byron. The game is centered around the storytelling more than anything else, but what makes this game different from others is that you have to write the story yourself. The objective of the games is to narrate your journey as you travel through beautiful landscapes. With little on-screen text as a guide you write out a tale, a history of places long gone, that you can share with other players.


The games idea of free imagination and that everyone has their own interpretation of the world is what pushes this game out of the genre of entertainment and in to the realm of interactive art. The short interactive stories and sweeping backgrounds brings to mind the stunning and moving game Journey, created by thatgamecompany for the PlayStation 3.


Elegy for a Dead World is already available on Steam, and for those who talents don’t lie in writing, do not be discouraged. This game is encouraging, creative and fun. Early on ‘fill in the blanks’ prompts and challenges helps get the ball rolling and the next time you know you’re writing a grand romantic adventure or about the time Spongebob and you went to get burgers.