Vox Machinae Announced with VR Demo Arriving on December 15

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Space Bullet are over the moon to announce that their latest game, Vox Machinae, is a combat simulation with giant robots for players to pilot on a variety of mercenary missions. The developers have worked extremely hard to bring a 31st century combat game of hulking robots clobbering one another, into the present day and age.


One of the best features is being able to “punch things with giant robot fists”.

Vox Machinae is set to include the following features:

  • Engaging solo/coop campaign with a twist
  • Explore hostile planets alongside your AI
  • Designed with Virtual Reality in mind
  • Actions players make directly influence the emergent narrative
  • Immersive physics simulation drives movement, in addition to ranged and melee combat


To celebrate this milestone, Space Bullet have put together a short video about their company and the making of Vox Machinae, which can be viewed below. A VR-only version of the prototype will be released tomorrow, December 15, on PC. Check out the official website here for further information and stay tuned with Capsule Computers for the latest gaming news.