Dragon Ball Xenoverse Jump Festa Trailer

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The Jump Festa trailer for Dragon Ball Xenoverse that we predicted would be out soon is finally here in all it’s four minute glory. The trailer from Bandai Namco focuses big time on the story mode from the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Buu Saga and Battle of Gods and it looks like no one is immune to the body hijacking effects of Mira and Towa as we see Piccolo, Gohan and even Hercule and Beerus come under their control. Some new screenshots were also released that makes it appear there are two levels of this evil possession as sometimes the villains eyes are simply red, but other times they have this tear stain effect.

It’s refreshing to see some more story footage and it looks great, from the way your character is there to pivotal moments to more funny segments such as Vegeta seemingly being apart of the Ginyu Force! There was also a character we have never seen before revealed and that is Great Ape Nappa, who seemingly will appear alongside Great Ape Vegeta to cause double the trouble for our heroes. Set your hype to 11 and check out the trailer for yourself below and click here if you want to see three new gameplay videos that appeared over the weekend. Both the Japanese and English trailers are on display with the Japanese version featuring Cha-La Head Cha-La!

Japanese Trailer


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