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You Can Now Take a Swim in The Sims 4!


Time to rejoice my fellow Sims players, as finally EA and Maxis have released a patch that brings back one of the most popular Sims features that was missing from The Sims 4 – pools. You read correctly, the next time you load up your game you will be able to deck your Sim out in swimwear and then build an impressive array of pools and water features for them to exercise, relax or just host a party in!

The new pools addition is a free patch that will be added to your game the next time you load it up, but if you need a bit of an advanced look at them in action, then check out the new trailer below. The reintroduction of pools adds a lot to an already jam packed game, so make sure you check it out and remember to stay tuned to Capsule Computers for all the latest Sims news as it becomes available.